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HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer

HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer

HP Deskjet printer are budget friendly and designed to fit in your shelf. It is small home based printer for
Printing all kind of documents.  It is basic and easy to install. It can print high quality color printing with 60 sheet input tray.

How To Download and Install HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer

    1) Visit and download the app using your internet browser.

    2) Use Run prompt option or find the download file from the downloads and install the software.

    3) Follow the instruction prompted on your screen.

    4) The driver software will be installed and you can find it in the desktop.

    How To Install INK HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer

      To replace the ink cartridges
      1. Check that power is on.

      2. Remove the ink cartridge.
      a. Open the cartridge access door and wait for the print carriage to move to the center of the printer.
       b. Press down to release the ink cartridge, and then remove it from the slot.
      3. Insert a new ink cartridge.
      a. Remove the ink cartridge from the packaging.
      b. Remove the plastic tape using the pull tab.
      NOTE: Do not touch the electrical contacts on the ink cartridge.
       c. Slide the ink cartridge into the slot until it clicks into place.
      d. Close the cartridge access door.
      NOTE: The HP printer software prompts you to align the ink cartridges when you print a document after installing the new ink cartridge.

    How To SETUP WIRLESS/WPS PIN/WIFI HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer


    How To SETUP WIRED/USB CABLE HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer

      1. Connect the printer flat end USB cable to the computer in the USB port
      2. Connect the rear end of the printer USB cable to the printer.
      3. The USB connection port is found near the power supply.
      4. The USB connection will be detected on the computer.
      5. You can find the connection status in the task bar for Windows.
      6. For mac you can find the connection status in system preferences.

    How To LOAD PAPER HP DeskJet 1110/1112 Printer

      To load full-size paper
       1. Raise the input tray.
      2. Slide the paper-width guide to the left.
      3. Insert a stack of paper into the input tray with the short edge down and the print side up, and slide the stack of paper down until it stops.
      4. Slide the paper-width guide to the right until it stops at the edge of the paper.
      5. Lower the output tray and pull out the output tray extender. 5200 5252 5255 5258 hp officejet 5200 driver hp officejet 5252 driver hp officejet 5255 driver hp officejet 5258 driver hp officejet 5200 setup hp officejet 5252 setup hp officejet 5255 setup hp officejet 5258 setup 3830 hp officejet 3830 setup hp officejet 3830 driver


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