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Downloading the Printer Driver from

Downloading the Printer Driver from

Every printer from HP is pretty authentic by itself. Meaning, they don’t run into a lot of issues, they don’t need a lot of maintenance, and they definitely are affordable, irrespective of the whether you consider the one time, or the recurring costs. HP has four different printer models, Envy, OfficeJet, DeskJet and LaserJet.
Today we will be looking at the installation process of the printer, the OfficeJet 4650. The printer is ideally suited for an office environment, meaning a place where there would be a lot of print jobs queued at once, and there is also less time to actually maintain the printer. The print jobs also should be done faster, and the printing if stays wireless, is an added advantage.
Considering these things, we’d recommend that you buy, incase you are planning to buy printers for your office!

In this blog, we will take you through the different steps involved in the setting up of the printer, installation of the printer software and printing a paper from your phone. Please do let us know via our toll-free number, or in the comments if you need any help in setting the printer up.

1. Setting the printer up

The first step in setting the printer out, is to actually unbox the printer and see if all the wires are intact. There must be at least two wires to get started with, one being the wire t connect the printer to the computer and the other one to connect the printer to the wall outlet for the power.
Take the printer out, and check if the cartridges are also given to you. Once you have both the wires done, and a couple of cartridges, you will now have to connect the printer to the power first, and switch the printer on. Now, open the paper outlet and fix the cartridges in. Push them in till you hear a click, and let them be.
The last thing to do before setting the printer up with the computer, is to take a sample print out and see if the alignments are okay. For this, you’d have to put a few papers on to the paper input tray. Once you do that, your printer will automatically print a paper. Check the sample, and check if the alignments are right. IF not, please adjust the type head. Until now, do not connect the printer to the computer.

2. Downloading and installing the driver for

The next thing to do is not to connect the printer to the computer actually. It is to download and install the printer’s driver software to the computer you want to connect the printer to. Once this is done, you can definitely start printing right away.
Now, you will have to go to the HP site, and download the driver. To find the right software, you will have to know what the printer’s model number is and what the operating system your computer runs on is. Once you furnish both these details, driver will be up for the grab. Download, and install the same.

3. connect the computer and the printer

While you install, the installation guide takes care of the on-screen instructions. Meaning, the installation wizard will let you know when to connect the computer to the power. When prompted, you will just have to connect the printer to the computer, and the software recognizes it, and continues the installation. 5200 5252 5255 5258 hp officejet 5200 driver hp officejet 5252 driver hp officejet 5255 driver hp officejet 5258 driver hp officejet 5200 setup hp officejet 5252 setup hp officejet 5255 setup hp officejet 5258 setup 3830 hp officejet 3830 setup hp officejet 3830 driver

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